Hello. Let's make a video.

Ambush.TV has been creating web video since 2008. We produce high-quality content for consumer brands and websites, both on-set and on-location.

We're also the proud parents of the fast-growing Pixel Enemy network.

Brand Content

We've worked with many large consumer brands (ones that you've actually heard of...we swear!). Services range from gently nudging them into the 21st century, to full media campaigns (yes, including social media) with original video content creation and production.

Private Production

Whether it's run-and-gun at a live event, or a fully-orchestrated studio production, we've done it all. And we won't make it a hassle for you. We'll finish it off with top-notch editing and distribution optimized for your digital channel of choice.

Pixel Enemy

We can't publically share most of the brands we've worked with, but here's one of our own...the Pixel Enemy network. We built this premiere gaming brand from the ground up, to over 100 million views (50 million just on our main channel).

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